How to view 3D channel on Videocon DTH. - latest tech tips

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How to view 3D channel on Videocon DTH.

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This post is for those people who want to see the 3D channel on Videocon DTH. So I bought this Videocon DTH service and guess what it comes with a 3D channel. I was very happy to hear all this. I quickly ordered new connection online and guess what within a day the installation was over.

So my curiosity was very high so I switched to Videocon DTH 3D channel and guess what what I saw was a split screen with the same view shot from 2 different camera angels. I thought what the hell is this.

So I digged further and took my 3D glasses. Well the result was same. No change still the same split screen. Then I called the call center in a flash and asked them why am I not able to see the 3D channel. The answer was not very surprising.

You need to have a 3D TV to actually view the 3D channel from Videocon DTH service if you don't have it then you need to be satisfied with the other 21 HD channels. The reason why I am posting this is for those people who do not have 3D TVs it really makes no sense in going for Videcon HD DTH if you are simply taking a decision based on this 3D channel.

Other than that the service is good and HD channels are also very good.

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