World's TOP 10 Richest Technology Geeks in 2013 - latest tech tips

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World's TOP 10 Richest Technology Geeks in 2013

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Communication and Computer Technology has seen drastic advances in the recent past and only a hand full of peoples vision has resulted in such advancements in this field.

I have compiled a list of Top 10 most successful Technology geeks in the world and would you believe it 9 out of 10 belong to the Unites States of America. No wonder USA is the largest economy and always encourages Innovation especially in the field of advance computing technology.

Rank Name FacetimeNet Worth Age Source Country of Citizenship
10Lee Kun-Hee
$13 B 71Samsung South Korea
9Mark Zuckerberg
$13,3 B 28Facebook United States
8Paul Allen
$15 B 60Microsoft, investments United States
7Steve Ballmer
$15,2 B 57Microsoft United States
6Michael Dell
$15,3 B 48Dell United States
5Sergey Brin
$22,8 B 39Google United States
4Larry Page
$23 B 40Google United States
3Jeff Bezos
$25,2 B United States
2Larry Ellison$43 B 68Oracle United States
1Bill Gates$67 B 57Microsoft United States

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