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Virgin Mobile Broadens Its Mix

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With the recessionary climate forcing many of us to cut corners, it’s no surprise that non-essentials and discretionary spending, such as talk-time and broadband, have taken a hit. To counter the decline of volumes in a constricting market, Virgin Mobile has broadened its mix and launched a slew of offers in the hope that customers will prefer their services to that of their competitors.

Monthly Schemes
Virgin's monthly schemes are now available in four exclusive tariff plans: Starter, Essential, Premier and Premier 08. All these offer unlimited calls and texts to Virgin numbers.

The Starter plan, starting at £15, offers 200 minutes of talk-time, 500 texts to other networks and 500 MB data. The range steps up through the Essential plan, starting at £20, to the Premier Plan at £23, and finally the Premier 08 plan. For an addition £5, the Premier 08 plan offers 500  additional minutes to 0800, 0845, 0870, and 0808 numbers.

Virgin Mobile also offers attractive monthly deals on mobile phones. One scheme that stands out is the BlackBerry Curve 9320, currently available at £7.50 a month for six months, and for £15 a month after the first six months.

The HTC Windows Phone 8S, Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini, Blackberry Bold 9790, or Motorola Razor I, when taken with any monthly plan, all cost just £19 a month, and come with 1000 free minutes of extra talk-time. The Samsung Galaxy SIII costs an affordable £24 a month with the Starter tariff.

Pay As You Go Offers
Virgin Mobile is also offering unlimited rewards for PAYG customers. For example, £10 of ‘Big Data’ top-up provides £10 worth of airtime, to be used outside the inclusive allowance, 300 texts and unlimited data. £15 of Big Data top-up provides £50 worth of airtime outside the inclusive allowance, unlimited texts and unlimited data.

Among mobile phones, the best PAYG offer available is surely the Samsung Galaxy Y, coming in at just £59.99, including £10 talk-time.

SIM-Only Offers
Virgin offers a wide array of SIM-only schemes for customers who are happy to keep their existing handsets. The starter pack of £5 provides 100 minutes of talk-time and no data. £7 offers 150 minutes of talk-time and 500 MB of data. £10 offers 250 minutes of talk-time and 1GB of data. £10 offers 1200 minutes of data and 1GB of data.
All these plans offer unlimited talk-time and text to other Virgin phones. The airtime may also be used to send texts to any UK mobile.

Virgin Mobile and the Marketplace
Virgin’s highly differentiated offer is good for both the industry and the customer, but far more so for the latter, who gets to select from many highly relevant plans. In fact, these offers are the next best thing to customised offers.

Most of these schemes have unlimited components. While this may, on the face of it, seem to be damaging to an industry caught in a price war that benefits nobody, it does actually encourage consumption. An unlimited plan effectively prompts the customer to use more, and this in turn prompts the recipient to use more as well.
Virgin’s size and flexibility means that it is now redefining the industry. Competitors are going to be forced to roll-out similar offerings to remain in contention. This can only infuse greater efficiency and flexibility to the industry.
More information on Virgin Mobile’s phone deals can be found here.

Written by:
Josh Cooke has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years.  In recent year his focus has been on IT Security which has gained importance as the Internet has grown an avid follower of the latest gadgets and advancements in the technology industry.

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