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TOP 10: Things I hate about Nexus 4.

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Recently bought Nexus 4 and its a very nice phone however there are few things I really hate about the Nexus 4 and you all should know about it.

#1. No FM Radio:
I just ignored this aspect and when I realized about this limitation I was very disappointed.

#2. Ugly Soft Buttons:
Nexus 4 has these software button which are always prominent on the screen taking up 5 to 10 % of the screen size.

#3. Burnout Colors
If you compare it with any Galaxy phone you will notice that the black is pitch black in Galaxy phones and black in Nexus is greyish. It seems like software issue.

#4. Average Camera
Night photos with this camera are extremely average.

#5. Bluetooth Startup problem.
If you are using your Nexus 4 without restarting for many days after few days Blutooth mode does not start. Then you have to restart your phone.

#6. Call Receive Problem
Sometime I experienced that you cannot pickup your incoming phones. The touchscreen freezes. In hat case simply lock and unlock your phone and receive your phone call.

#7. Over Heating Problem
When I play games like Where's My Water the phone heats up badly causing irritation to hold. The screen becomes so hot that you cannot keep your phone connected to your ears for more than 10 seconds.

#8. Call Connection Problem
Some times I also experienced I was not able to call few numbers from my contact list. After few tries it starts connecting. Never the less in case of an emergency it can really be a huge problem.

#9. Battery Drains faster.
Battery is ok and drains in about 6 -8 hours if used extensively. 

#10. Simple Design
Design is very simple and no match when compared to iPhones and Galaxy S's in the market.

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