How to upgrade your Samsung LED TV Firmware with USB? - latest tech tips

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How to upgrade your Samsung LED TV Firmware with USB?

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Many Samsung LED / LCD TV owners are not even aware that the software which runs their TV can be upgraded too. Just in case you are not aware or even if you are aware and do not know how to do it here are the simple steps to do it.

Things Required:
USB drive: Make sure you format it first with FAT 32 and make it clean.

1. Go to Samsung website.
2. Go to Support Tab.
3. Now enter the TV Model number which is mentioned at the back panel of your TV ex UA40EH5000R.
4. You will get option to download Manual and Firmware
5. Go to Firmware and download the Firmware.
6. After downloading click on the Firmware to extract it.
7. After you have extracted the firmware copy the extracted folder to your USB drive.
8. Connect the USB Drive to your TV.
9. Go to Support Section > Update Firmware
10. The TV will automatically scan your USB drive and give you option to update your Firmware.

Once you have updated to latest firmware your TV will restart.

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