How to search for transparent images on Google? - latest tech tips

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How to search for transparent images on Google?

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Whenever we want to create our own wallpapers or advertisement posters in Photoshop the first think we try to search is a transparent logo. That transparent logo can be used to superimpose on other images using Photoshop to give an impression that the logo is a natural part of the poster.

Transparent images play very key role in making the poster stand out. Well to cut the suspense here is what you need to do to find good quality transparent images using Google. Please note images may be transparent but also copyrighted by the owner use them with roper permission from the author.

You can also find tons of free transparent images which you can even use for commercial purposes for free and that to legally.

Just follow these steps and you will get what you want.

1. Go to
2. Search for your image and go to images link
3. Go to Search Tools > Colors
4. Choose Transparent

You will find many good transparent images. Make sure you take permission from Author to use them or else you will be in trouble.

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