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Apples Future Strategy in Innovation

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All Apple product users have great pride in using Apple products and use them as a style statement. But how long will the style statement last if Apple stops innovating in its products.

There is a huge difference between Invention and Innovation and Apple focuses mainly on Innovation. Innovation is something which we accomplish with limited resources or changes they way we do things in the best possible way. Many people are accusing Apple of falling behind on the Innovation front. If you look at the iPhones introduced after Steve Jobs passed away you might even believe that statement.

There are unconfirmed reports that an iPhone 5s is in the offering this summer in US but will there be slight changes in the device hardware and that's it. So what is Apple thinking about its Product Line to continue its domination in the world market.

There are many articles on the internet that Apple will start entering the world of wearable technology, televisions and even CAR powered by iOS.

Lets have a look at each possible Innovation and the impact it will have on human race.

1. iWatch:
Its almost certain that Apple will sooner or later introduce an iWatch which will be a wrist watch powered by iOS. Market analysts are even saying that iWatch will generate more revenue than iPhones. But how will the iWatch fit into the Device ecosystem of Apple? What all things will the iWatch be possibly doing which the iPhone, iPad is not able to do today?

One thing is for sure you cannot wear the iPhone and its much bigger compared to a watch. The entire world is trying to make smartphone screens bigger and apple is going back to innovate in miniature devices like wrist watches.

Its quite evident that 99% of the people wear watches and Apple will definitely make a huge market if their iWatch becomes successful.

2. iTV
Just like watches 99% of the people have TV at their homes. Everyone loves to watch TV and get entertained  What if Apple's TV gets connected to your iTunes Account and you can play all the Games on your big 55 Inch Apple TV with Retina Display. Or watch cool videos and play music. Imagine connecting your iPhone to your iTV and doing stuff on a 55 inch screen which was not possible before.

Companies like Samsung already have launched Smart TVs but will they be better than iTV? iTV will connect a user with a new ECO system. Will Samsung do the same?

3. iCar.
An iOS powered Car was one of Steve Jobs dreams and there are many speculations that Apple is building their own smart iCar. A car which will recognize voice commands. Auto Drive based on Apple Maps will be powered by Eco friendly energy and lot more.

A car which not only looks superb but will be so eco friendly, stylish and powered packed with advance features which will change the way people drive and transport themselves from one place to another in the safest possible way.

In general it seems that Apples Innovations will focus mainly on mass markets and Apple will not stick to a niche small market.

If Apple does not take Innovation seriously companies like Google and Samsung will start dominating the world Technology market with their innovative products like Google Glass, Advance Bendable display smartphones and more. I am an Android user but its always necessary that there is competition which fuels Innovation else all companies will end up being NOKIA.

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