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REVIEW: Videocon HD DTH service complete experience.

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So I finally decided to move on from my Hathway Digital cable to little more advance digital DTH service. This article will be a very nice guide for you to decide whether you should buy Videocon DTH HD or not.

So below is the complete timeline of my booking.

12:30 PM : I booked the DHT connection online. Keep in mind word online.
02:00 PM : I start getting automatic messages from Videocon regarding my Customer ID and stuff
04:00 PM : I get a call from Videocon guys for installation (very impressive)
05:30 PM : Installation complete and my HD DTH connection is activated.

I have to admit that the installation service was really impressive and very quick to my surprise. Booking to installation in 5 hours is pretty amazing.

Detailed Review:

Standard Definition:
I am not at all impressed with the SD signal from Videcon its very ordinary and does not look very good at all (I have 40 " LED TV). I guess Tata Sky is better here. Compared to digital cable signal (Hathway) it either comes close to it or slightly degrades. Sound quality is OK.

High Definition:
Videocon has the highest HD channels in India I guess. And the picture quality is very good, but when I compare it with Tata Sky it may be little inferior. Sound quality is extremely superb and I am very happy with it.

User Interface:
Its not even close to what Tata Sky offered but if you have patience you can get used to it in a day.

Set Top Box:
STB looks nice and trendy but that's about it. The STB has a very slow processor or really bad software  I guess and channel switch has a considerable lag. Again Tata Sky and even Hathway are ahead here. But I am hoping software update will take care of this.

Why did I buy Videcon?
Most importantly its the price which is killing prospect. I have purchased the Platinum HD full year subscription in which I get the HD box for free with installation and 250+ SD channels and 22 HD channels. The most frequently watched channels are all available on HD and no need for me to worry about average SD signal.

What are the areas Videocon need to improve quickly:

1. SD signal quality.
2. User Interface.
3. Performance of the UI.

If I have to give detailed rating then
1. SD signal 2 out of 5
2. SD sound 3 out of 5
3. HD signal 4 out of 5
4. HD sound 5 out of 5
6. Price 4 out of 5
7. UI 2 out of 5
8. Responsiveness: 1 out of 5
9. Installation service 5 out of 5 (really good).

I will not say that you don't book Videocon its not bad I must say if you are ready to adjust to all the cons like most Indian consumers do normally then you will be in very less pain. If you have highest regards for greatest of great quality please go for Tata Sky it will simply cost you 20% more money. If you are booking Videocon make sure you book online as Videocon gives priority to online customers bookings.

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