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Artificial color boosting on Samsung Galaxy phones.

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It was a very pleasant morning in the harsh winter with sun shining in full glory in Boston. I took the opportunity and took my Galaxy S2 out for few quick snaps and was astonished with the results of the phone camera.

The images really looked amazing on the Galaxy S2 screen. I quickly did a Facebook photo upload and was expecting tons of comments. Got few but was not many as I had thought. I was confused why people did not like the images which were so beautiful on Camera.

I checked my Facebook Mobile Upload album and was shocked to see the difference of color saturation on Mobile and on my advance LED computer monitor. It was then I realized that Samsung artificially boosts the colors in the Galaxy phones to make them look more colorful than they actually are and apparently that was the reason for me not getting as many comments on Facebook.

No doubt the pictures look really amazing with their technology but its highly deceiving as the same images look very normal and close to real life on other devices. That is the same difference I observed between Samsung display and Nexus 4 and even iPhone display for that matter.

So if you have Samsung Galaxy phones please be careful before sharing your camera pics. First see them on other device and then do what you want to do.

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