Which money transfer service to India is best from USA? - latest tech tips

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Which money transfer service to India is best from USA?

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In case you are a NRI, transferring money to India is always in your mind. There are many services available and I am going to talk about xoom, remit2india, indusfastremit and money2india.

1. xoom.com
Xoom is one of those services which is known for its best service and money transfer happens within a day or max 2 working days. However the down side is the exchange rate. it will give you one of the least exchange rates. So if you want to transfer money quickly use this service.

2. remit2india
remit2india offers a slightly better exchange rate than xoom but its very slow and has lot many commission amounts.

3. money2india
This service is from ICICI bank which offers better exchange rates than remit2india and xoom but takes around 5-7 days to transfer the money.

4. indusfastremit
This service is provided by Indus Ind bank. The exchange rate provided is the best among all but it also takes around 5-7 days for transaction to complete. You can use this when you don't have any time constraints and are willing to get the best exchange rates. The commission amount is around $1/1000 to transfer.

All above services are reliable. You have to make a choice if you want to transfer more money or transfer fast money

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