How does Google handle returned adsense checks in India? - latest tech tips

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How does Google handle returned adsense checks in India?

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Google has many Indian content publishers and most of the times the earnings check generated by Google comes via Google India's Hyderabad office. They have a tie up with BlueDart which takes care of delivering the checks to the destination.

Blue Dart is a professional service which tries its best to deliver the check. But many times the check remains uncollected and goes back to Hyderabad.

So what to do now? Well to tell you the truth I searched the entire internet to find out how to contact Google in such case and could not find a single way.

After your check returns to Hyderabad Blur dart they religiously return it to Google Hyderabad office. The problem is Google's check clearance process is very slow and time consuming especially in India. So Google will take its own sweet time to resend your check and I am not sure what happens to the exchange rate.

If some one has gone through this experiences and got a chance to collect the check again then please post a comment with your experiences so that everybody gets to know what actually happens. I will for sure update my experiences as and when I get the check back.

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