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VIDEO: Ubuntu Mobile OS Demo

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Very recently Ubuntu was launched on Mobile devices. Its maker claim that Ubuntu is a much cleaner OS than Android and will perform much faster than Android.

Here is a video which demonstrates some features of Ubuntu and it looks like the entire user experinace is revolving around swiping. People have started comparing it with Android and I guess its a fair comparision as Android is a flavour of Linux itself.

What differentiates Ubuntu is that it is more close to the core Linux OS and the Mobile OS is simply a distilled version of the same full blown desktop OS with capabilities to run all the apps on desktop to run on your mobile. In that sense I guess it is direct competition to the Windows Phones.

Ubuntu has a very niche audience and people who love Ubuntu will love its mobile version as well. But will it give immediate competition to Android or iOS is very hard to tell and it does not look like Ubuntu will be widely adopted so soon.

But never the less mobile technology is evolving each day and you never know after a couple of years we may have some interesting competition in the mobile market with Ubuntu considering the fact that Ubuntu has a overlarge community of hard core developers who would love to contribute to take Ubuntu ahead.

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