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TURBOTAX: Review and Experience.

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I recently used TurboTax service for filing my income tax returns in the US. As I was completely new and very much used to filing IT returns back home in India via simple Tax filing agents this was a very new experience for me.

So let me get back to review. I though of using TurboTax simply because it files returns for free. But when I entered the site I was presented with 3 options Free, $19 something and $29 something. I though I am filing returns for the first time then why to take chances and filed using $19 option which had some extra benefits.

So those who are Newbies in US. There are many taxes in US out of which 2 main Taxes are Fed Tax and State Tax. You can get refund from both. Turbo Tax has a extremely simple and intuitive design and any one can fill in the tax details very easily.

As I progressed I completed formalities for Fed Taxes, Then came State Taxes and a shocker. TurboTax charges $36 just for filing state Tax and though the amount of refund was very less I had to opt for it. Over all I ended up paying $60 with some taxes.

However I have no major complains as the filing process was extremely smooth without any hassles and the returns were filed to the Fed as well as State authorities the very same day and I even got a confirmation email from TurboTax.

While I was filing the Taxes I found a slightly annoying thing. Since I was filing the returns for the first time the TurboTax website was asking for a e-filing PIN. For those who are filing for the first time they do not need this pin and you have to enter 0 in adjussted Gross income of previos year.

This case was not handled very gracefully in the website. They should have asked the first question i.e. "Are you filing returns for the first time and automatically adjusted the rest of the questions".

But I will still give Turbotax 4.5 * out of 5. I liked the service very much and will surely recommend everyone.I will update the refund turnaround time for sure later.

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