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Top Mobile Apps for Electronic Engineers

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Electronic engineers have recently experienced an app windfall. With iPhone and Android apps vying for their attention, they have revolutionized the way you can calculate measurements, check for errors, and simulate expensive equipment such as signal generators right from your phone. Not only will they help you to complete tasks quickly, but there’s no longer any need to carry around charts and manuals everywhere you go.

Top Apps for Electronic Engineers

This app stores more than 680 formulas across fields of optics, electronics, and thermodynamics for instant access. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod, and is an ideal beginner’s app.

ASCII Chars is a simple app that provides users with ASCII characters with their decimal conversions. It is powered by Android.

This app runs on android and hence the name. It connects users to a vast range of electronic gadgets. It is indeed useful when searching for the latest and the best tools. The app offers a lot of useful information for electronic engineers.

For instant calculations, result graphs, and data tables at their fingertips, all you have to do is input the data for equations, resistors, and capacitance problems, and you have accurate results in a jiffy! It becomes a powerful tool when dealing with long calculations and testing running gadgets.

Here’s another calculator app that makes it a breeze to calculate a huge amount of data continuously and also allows automatic recalculations as soon as new values are typed. It runs on iPhone and iPad. It is one of the most useful of all electronic engineering apps.

Element 14 everywhere is a brainstorming panel for electronic engineers and gadget enthusiasts. It enables users to comment on and share ideas and opinions with other engineers and a likeminded community. It also helps users stay on top of the latest electronic news.

Magnify is a fun app that turns your smartphone smarter. It allows you to view circuits and boards with zoom in features. Powered by Android, this little app comes with a built-in flashlight so that you can view circuits even in the dark.

Whiteboard HD is the perfect app for futuristic thinking and building innovations every day. It is a virtual whiteboard where users can sketch diagrams, store data and record it for future use. It runs on iPad and has an engaging interface. You can easily create sketches of electrical circuits using this app.

This app streamlines electronic circuits and helps rectify diagram errors in a flash. Everything from linear circuits to voltage and pulse sources are identified and analysed with this smart phone app.

It is the perfect step to get introduced to assembly basics. For modern gadgets that are too complicated for freshmen, this app creates useful simulations. These simulations help users check the usefulness of electronic codes at every step, and are useful mainly for checking beginner’s CPUs. If you want to get started with assembly basics, this is the perfect tool to have.

The app begins and ends with electronic codes, charts, and, tables covering everything from wiring continuity, voltage, current and resistance.

Sharing data and checking for reference becomes easy with iDVM. The app enables electronic knowledge to go social and let you imagine and create future gadgets.

Get the latest industry news and updates on your smartphone using EE Times Europe. It is a one-stop destination for electronic engineering students and professionals.

The Agilent PCBCalc for iPhone is a calculator that runs complex circuit impedance checks for different circuits. It also calculates trace geometrics.

The multimeter data acquisition app for the Radio Shack 22-812 Digital Multimeter will log any data that you can measure in a simple CSV format.  You will also need a RS232 to Bluetooth device for both to be able to communicate.

Mobile Apps for electronic engineers have created a knowledge rich virtual community which is always on the lookout to improvise and recreate. There are electronic directories, newscasts, calculators and circuit check tools. Overall, these apps build a strong support for everyday electronic designs.  These are affordable apps which occur within the price range of $2 to $20 and many of them are free to download. Like all other apps, regular and pro versions are available for these and everyone from engineering students, professionals, and gizmo lovers have them on their phones.

Written by:

Christopher Parkinson’s interest in electronics stem from an early age, I remember watching my father using a multimeter to test my Scaletrix which had stopped working.  At that time this was the most fantastic thing I had ever seen bear in mind I was 6 and so very easily impressed.  I went on to study microprocessor design theory before working for a company repairing mobile phones. 

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