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REVIEW: Sky Fall James Bond and its outdated gadgets

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So are you planning to watch Sky Fall today? As usual James Bond Sky Fall involves attack on United kingdom. James Bond makes himself available for this mission.

This movie does not showcase any cool gadgets, instead involves only 2 simple gadgets. A gun which is mapped to fire only when fired by James Bond and other a radio transmitter which allows MI7 to track his location from any part of the world.

As usual movie starts with an action sequence, which Involves terrorist stealing a hard disk with all data of all agents of MI7. A lady officer is assisting Bond and has to make a hard choice of shooting the terrorist during the fighting is still on and that too on a train moving fast in the tunnel.

M has to decide whether to allow the assistant to shoot or not. M allows to shoot and the bullet hits bond. He falls from train which is on a bridge thousands of feet in the air like a sky fall in water.

Everyone thinks Bond is dead but how is that possible? Suddenly one day there is a hacking in MI7 office which is followed by a huge blast. James Bond sees this on TV and comes to help M.

He comes back after long break and fails in fitness test, yet M allows him to  proceed with the mission. Who is the hacker? Why is he doing all this? Well that's what the story is all about.

Every Bond movie involves romance and this one too has small portion of it when Bond mingles with a girl from villein camp. That too was very ordinary.

Overall the movie is very ordinary and very predictable. There are very few moments in the movie which will really amaze you. I will give this movie just 2.5 * / 5.

Should you watch it? Sure go ahead watch it once if you have no great plans for the weekend. But don't expect too much else you will be disappointed.

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