What Tablet Screen Size is Good for you? - latest tech tips

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What Tablet Screen Size is Good for you?

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After using iPad 3 and Google Nexus 7 tablets I thought why not write an article on screen size of various tablets  available in the market and what screen size tablet will suit you more.

Before buying the tablet ask few basic questions to yourself.

1. Why am I buying this tablet?
If you are not able to answer this question then congratulations you actually do not need to buy any tablet.

2. Where will I use the tablet?
If the answer is during travel then a 7" tablet is ideal for you. If its office or a place where you will be spending more time sitting then 9" tablet is ideal for you.

3. Will I use it more for Content creation?
If answer is yes then you must go for 9" tablet. For content creation it is mandatory that we have large space as 50% of the screen is occupied by the virtual keyboard.

4. Will I use it for content viewing?
If answer is yes then you must buy a 7" tablet. eBook reading, website surfing is very much possible with the 7" inch tablet with ease.

5. Do I love to play games?
Well Games can be easily and nicely played with 7" inch tablet.

6. Do I love to play music and Videos?
Music videos look good on 7" tablet too.

7 Inch is the winner when
Over all the 7" inch tablet is the winner in most departments.

1. Its light weight.
2. Can be held in a single hand and very easy to operate
3. Slightly cheap.
4. Sometimes fits in pocket too.
5. Very handy and convenient.
That's the reason why Apple is also going to launch its own iPad mini considering the importance of smaller tablet and the market share captured by the 7" devices.

9 Inch is the winner when
You are going to mostly use it in office and that too for content creation. I found the iPad 3 more bulkier than the nexus and cannot be operated with one hand.

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