TOP 10: Symtoms of Smart Phone Addiction and Survey To Find If You Are Addicted.

As a tech blogger this was one of those articles which I feel any smartphone user can easily relate to. Smartphone Addiction is a real threat to the human kind and I have listed down some of the common symptoms and questions which will allow you to find your level of smart phone addiction.

Just answer each question below and press the Done button. Please be honest with your self.

#1. What is the first thing you do once you wake up?
a. You check for your phone for Facebook, email updates etc
b. Unplug your charger.
c. Go to washroom for brushing etc.

#2. How do you feel when your cell phone battery has discharged?
a. Frustrated and anxious, try to find source of power.
b. Switch to a computer
c. Don’t care.

#3. How do you feel when your cell phone network is unavailable?
a. Frustrated and anxious, try to find place where you get network.
b. Switch to a computer
c. Don’t care.

#4. What do you do in a Party?
a. Keep your phone in hand and constantly look at it.
b. Occasionally look at your phone and take snaps and also party hard.
c. Just party maan.

#5. What do you do on a Date?
a. Constantly look at your phone and ignore your partner.
b. Let everyone know where you are using Facebook Check In feature in your phone.
c. Look into your girlfriends eyes and just forget everything else and vice versa.

#6. What do you in your office?
a. Constantly check for Facebook updates
b. Keep talking to your girlfriend or boyfriend.
c. No time for all this just work, work and only work.

#7. What do you do during your lunch?
a. Update your friends with the menu in canteen on twitter
b. Check for the menu.
c. Just focus on eating. Food is more important that Facebook.

#8. What do you do during free time and traveling?
a. Play iOS or Andoid games.
b. Listen to music on smart phone
c. Hang out (real not Google+) with friends.

#9. What do you do before you go to bed?
a. Make sure you have connected your smartphone to a charger.
b. Check your phone for updates.
c. Just go to sleep.

#10. What kind of dreams you get?
a. About iOS or Andoid Games and Apps.
b. Night mares about your boss catching you Face-booking in office.
c. Sweet dreams.

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