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REVIEW: Bad Piggies Anti Angry Birds

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Rovio is back with a bang and this time we have to do exactly opposite of what were doing all the time and that is to save the green Piggies from getting killed.

The concept is really nice and the game seems little boring at the start but if you having on just a little more you start enjoying and at 1 point it becomes so addictive that you cannot think of anything else.
Enjoy the promotional video to make you download this game even faster.

The Game UI looks very similar to typical Angry Birds but the goal is completely different. In this game we have to make a vehicle out of many different articles at our disposal and make sure we transport the Bad ugly green pig to the target location.

You can actually imagine your creative and engineering skills put to test as you try to make the best possible vehicle to save your piggy from getting crushed. You can make cars, trolleys and even airplanes to achieve your target.

At one point I become so addicted that I finished the entire game that day. I am yet to unlock the 4th Worlds but I am sure I will do that by achieving 3 starts in each level.

This game deserves 5 stars but I will give 4.5 stars as I am still awaiting Angry Birds Star Wars.

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