Google Nexus 4 A Cheaper Alternative To Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5. - latest tech tips

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Google Nexus 4 A Cheaper Alternative To Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5.

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Its very clear Google want to sell more Android phones and its Nexus product line is the way ahead for Google. Google launched its Nexus 4 smartphone and Nexus 10 tablet at dirt cheap price of $299 which is shocking as its specs are as close to Samsung Galaxy S3.

Here is how both the Smartphones look like when compared based on specs.

ModelGalaxy S3Nexus 4
Price$199/$299 (with contract) $299/$349 (SIM-free)
OS Android 4.0.1 Touchwiz UX/US Android 4.2
Processor Exynos 4412 (Quad Core) Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro
Display 4.8? Super AMOLED 4.7? WXGA IPS
Resolution 1280×720 1280×768
Dimensions (WxDxH) 5.38? x 2.78? x 0.34? 5.27? x 2.70? x 0.35?
Weight 133g 139g
4G LTE Yes No
NFC Yes Yes
Wi-Fi 2.4GHz, 5GHz (dual-band) WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (dual band)
Rear-facing camera 8 Megapixels 8 Megapixels
Front-facing camera 1.9 Megapixels 1.3 Megapixels
Video capabilities 1080p Recording 1080p Recording
Internal storage 16/32GB 8/16GB
SD card slot Yes (up to 64GB) No
Max. battery life 11 hours (3G talk/data use) 10 hours (3G talk/data use)

The phone even looks like the Galaxy S3 and its really unbelievable. You cant imagine how badly this phone will eat up the Samsung Galaxy S3 market. The one really great thing about the Nexus 4 is it will run on the latest Android and all the later android versions will be pushed to it as soon as they are available.

This phone is available for $299 Sim free which means no contract what so ever, do what you want. This kind of stuff works really well in the Asian countries especially India where people  want really good stuff for really cheap rates.

For me its a killer phone and I am using Nexus 7 tablet without any problems and I am sure this will be a S3 and iPhone 5 killer.

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