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The world is moving at a very fast pace and information today is fetched using internet search engines. But many decades back when the world had just seen telephone a message was broadcasted without any technology.

No Facebook, No Twitter No Google Ads only word of mouth and complete dedication for peace. Yes it was Gandhi's message of peace and patience some thing the world today is fast forgetting. Today we celebrate birthday of our dear Gandhi who is recognized as a ambassador of peace  across the globe but whose values are more recognized sadly outside India.

Gandhi's single message of peace used to spread like wild fire and the entire country used to follow him without twitter. Such was the persona and stature of this man that even the richest of the rich and poorest of the poor used to bow in front with respect and gratitude.

Can you imagine a battle was won without any blood shade and violence. The art of Satyagraha (fight without violence) was taught to the world by Gandhi. No doubt the journey was full of pain and misery but the fruit of freedom was very sweet. The Freedom which we today are either abusing or misusing and misinterpreting as per our selfish needs today.

The values of अहिंसा (Non violence), त्याग (sacrifice), मौन (Silence), धेर्य (Patience) and सरलता (Simplicity) are getting lost in the noise across the world and world is moving more towards ways of violence and blood shade, but there are still people like Suu Kyi who still believe in Gandhi ideologies of non violence and patience and have set an example in the recent present that you may not need violence to gain peace.

Long Live Mahatma and long live Gandhi giri.

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