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Why Apple's Maps Suck?

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The most awaited feature in the iOS 6 the much hyped iMap (I name it) feature which has replaced Google Maps is not going down too well with its users. Many users are complaining that it is not able to do even basic things right.

I am sure Apple will fix all the issues in the next update and people will get used too it as well. But haven't Apple taken a huge risk by dumping Google Maps who are in this business since 2005.

Till now following issues are discovered in Apple Maps.

1. Many geographical errors.
2. Missing information
3. No Public transit directions,
4. No Comprehensive traffic data or
5. No Street view pictures.
6. User has to enter exact name of location (No spelling mistake allowed)
7. Apple Mas does not give user proper address suggestions.
8. Locates business in different cities and does not properly take into account Geo location of user.

Google has spent almost 7 years in perfecting its Maps service and it wont be an easy road for apple to reach Google's standards, however its for sure Apple will not keep a single stone unturned to reach Google Maps level soon as possible.

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