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When should you enable CPA - Cost Per Action on your blog?

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Some time back I got a very attractive business proposal. The proposal was to enable CPA on my blog.  As I have already mentioned CPA is Cost Per Action. There is a distinct difference between CPA and CPC.

CPA is Cost Per Action and CPC is Cost Per Click. Are you wondering whats the difference well in CPC you are paid whenever a user clicks on the Ads however in CPA user not only has to click but also buy the product. You will only be paid when your visit buys a product which the CPA program is expecting.

CPA is a commission based business model in which the publisher gets a certain % of sales. But its very much in the interest of the company which conducts the CPA program reason being they simply have to share the profit. Normally CPA pays very well but there are many factors you must consider before you give CPA a real try.

Things to consider before going for CPA Program
1. Actual Traffic on your Blog.
2. Your Blog's Niche
3. Product which is getting sold via CPA program.
4. Your visitors Geo location and Products Geo location.
5. Your Commission post successful CPA.

Some of the drawbacks of CPA vs CPC
1. You are paid only when a product is purchased.
2. Your web traffic is diverted to the customer website and if its not getting converted to puschases its a big loss.
3. Normally CPA programs demand you not to have any other source of Advertisement cutting down your other sources of income spontaneously.

CPA pays very well but it may not be suitable business model for many publishers since its based on  complete action like Display Ads > Ad Click > Product download > Product Purchase.

When should you enable CPA?
1. If you get good traffic.
2. Your Blog's Niche and CPA product belong to same category.
3. You have patience.

If you want to experiment with your earnings and want to take little risk go for CPA and if you are conservative and don't won't to disturb existing inflow earning then avoid CPA.

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