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TOP 5: Worlds Best Camera Smart Phones Available in Market

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If you are a photography enthusiast and don't want to carry your bulky SLR every place you go then having a very good camera in your smartphone can really help you.

Cameras in smartphone cannot beat SLR still but they have improved tremendously over the years and sometimes the snaps are so good that you can't make out if the pics are taken from a smartphone or a Digital SLR.

So here is a list of smartphones powered by the best Cameras in the world.Nokia is not doing that great as far as sales of smartphones is concerned but its Carl Zuis lens are so good that 2 of its smartphones will feature in this list.

1. Nokia Pureview 808:
41 MP. Sometime back I wrote a comparison between DSLR and Pureview 808 here. Many professional photographers complained to me that its unfair to compare the two. However many also like the comparison. Well if you want to buy a smartphone which has the best camera in the world then this is just for you.

2. Nokia N8:
8 MP. There was a story long time back I wrote as to how a short film was shot using Nokia N8. If a professional short film can be shot using this camera your shots can be shot easily with great clarity as well. Have a look at the making of this short film "Gulp" using N8.

3. Samsung Galaxy S3:
8 MP. Well can you believe that Samsung sold 50 million Samsung Galaxy S3 phones? Well if not you have no choice but to believe it. Have a look at the night shot from Galaxy S3.

4. iPhone 4S:
8 MP. This goes without saying with sate of art lenses and equally good software to support it. iPhone 4s has the best camera in its class.

5. HTC One X.
HTC One X comes with an 8 MP rear camera. There is also a dedicated image processor packed in, which helps capture images at a very fast speed.

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