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REVIEW: Samsung 40EH5000R and 32EH5000R LED TV.

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I recently bought the all new Samsung 40EH5000R Series 5 LED TV and this article will be dominated by my experience so far. I bought this LED TV from Chroma, I will discuss Chroma service some other day for sure.

Let me get back to the brand new Samsung 40EH5000R. So the number 40 indicates the inches EH5000R is the model number. Let me break my review into different sections. Apart from size the 40EH5000R and 32EH5000R are same.

1. Picture Quality:
It supports resolution of 1980 X 1080 that means it is full HD TV. I have watched Avatar on it and let me tell you the picture quality is mind blowing.

2. Looks:
The frame is super sleek and looks really great. The frame is so nice that one gets a feel of a big window through which  your are watching real life events i.e. of course if you are watching full HD movies. But the body panel width is much more that one can really think of a LED TV. Its like a LED TV fit in a LCD panel.

3. 32" or 40":
I went with an intention  to buy Series 5 D5000 model that too 32". I found its outdated and no more available. Also when I saw the 40" screen I forgot about the 32" option. Let me tell you 32" TV even though is good 40" TV gives you some feeling of a Home theater. If your room size is even 10 feet X 10 feet or more you can simply go for a 40" LED TV any time.

4. Power consumption:
The guy who came for installation told me that the TV burns 1 unit of electricity if ran for 7 hours a day. That is 30 units of electricity if ran for 210 hours a month which is nearly 20% less than what a 25" CRT TV would consume.

5. Video Formats:
I have played most video formats available via a USB drive. I was even able to connect a USB hard disk without a problem.  Some of the formats I have played .avi, .mkv, .mp4, .dat, .flv. I have one complain that when we play MP3 songs we are not able to shut the screen. This feature is available in the same TV but not when you are playing the videos from USB drive. This sucks.

6. Sound:
I would say that the sound quality is good but cannot be termed as great. I guess that is the problem with most LEDs as they have so such less room to have good quality speakers withing the TV. But the good part is it has a Sound Output which can be connected to external Home theater or a Music System.

7. User Experience:
It is very simple and cute. It is so easy that you can get to know most features in a TV within 30 mins of playing with the remote.

8. Price:
Well I bought it for Rs 55000/- with 3 years extended warranty i.e. $1000. For US guys $1000 is very high but in India TVs are little expensive than the US. In US the same TV is available for $749 i.e. 25
% cheaper (you can get it even for a lesser price).

I like the LED TV very much and would love to recommend it to everyone. I will give this TV 4.5stars.
I have cut the half star for sound and bulky panel. Overall very happy and satisfied with the TV.

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