Is Google's Privacy Policy update hurting Adsense revenues? - latest tech tips

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Is Google's Privacy Policy update hurting Adsense revenues?

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Many days back Google updated its Privacy policy and made a significant change. Google decided that they will share the search history with all the Google Apps including Adsense. What that means is now whatever you search on the web Google will show you Ads based on your search history.

The flip side is the content based Ads which Google used to show on webpages will show the Ads based on users search queries. It sounds very logical to have ads appear based on freshly searched queries by users on Google but it can also backfire at times.

Imagine you are searching for a car washing center and then you land on page to download a Windows application. Google will start showing up Ads based on previous search query about Car washing centers in your area.

The problem with this is the content is different and Ads are different. The Ads are irrelevant to the content. Chances of them getting clicked get slimmer. Also these Ads may divert user attention and he may switch back to searching Car washing centers.

The impact is not only the user attention gets diverted but also the user may switch back to the previous task and ignore your content as the human tenancy is to wander easily. Google has not done any significant change to this new policy which indicates they are satisfied with the update in the Privacy Policy.

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