HOW TO: Recover NSF file in Case of Lotus Notes database Corruption - latest tech tips

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HOW TO: Recover NSF file in Case of Lotus Notes database Corruption

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Lotus Notes database application throws numerous error messages if any problem related to corruption is encountered in it. In such situations of corruption, data of the Lotus Notes objects, such as contacts, attachments, appointments, journal, tasks, events, and meetings, becomes inaccessible. 

Reason for corruption of Lotus Notes database may be unexpected system shutdown, operating system crash, power outage, and fatal virus attack. Whatever may be the reasons for corruption, it will make all the data of NSF database unapproachable. Backup can be used. But in case of backup unavailability, you can use a commercial tool.

In respect of above issue, let us discuss an error message that appears when you make an attempt to access data of lotus Notes database. Following are the information that is contained in log:

''06.11.2004 04:00:02 Router: Shutdown is in progress
06.11.2004 04:00:02 Router: Beginning mailbox file compaction of
……. In addition to log, below stated error message will also receive that looks same as given below: “The object store note that is used by this note was not found. Run the object store COLLECT task on this database”

Cause: Above error message occurs because the mailbox file of Lotus Notes database gets corrupt or damaged. Following are some prominent reasons, which cause corruption in Lotus Notes database:

i) Attacked by virus program
ii) Improper shutdown of application
iii) Hardware components problem
iv) Operating Systems malfunction
v) Human mistakes

Solution: Following are the measures that can be used to sort out the problem of corrupt Mailbox file of Lotus Notes.

1) With the help of a backup, you can restore data of Lotus Notes database easily. Most of us think, maintaining backup by spending valuable time is totally waste. But this is not true. Backup helps you immensely at the time of data loss situations.
2) Well, backup is not the only solution. You have an option of third party Lotus Notes Recovery software.

Yes, today a lot of tools have been introduced in the market that does the job to recover NSF file easily and instantly. Such tools recover data back from any instance of logical corruption. By simple commands like click, drag, and browse you can recoup all the inaccessible information. Using these tools for NSF file recovery is a wise decision rather than facing data loss situation.

About the author: Axel Culver is a professional writer and has enormous experience in working with Lotus Notes application. She wants to share above guest post on NSF File Recovery solution.

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