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Different Avatars on Facebook.

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Facebook has roughly 1 billion users and all of them could be categorized in to different categories. I have tried to categorize them into funny categories.

1. Full Moon:
These Facebook users come once in a while check status and go away. If they like some thing it goes viral.

2. Invisible Soul:
These user are online 24 X 7 but are invisible and constantly checking for Facebook updates. They never like any updates but are simply interested in other peoples life.

3. Mega Upload:
These people are very famous on Facebook. They upload anything and everything be it a cup of coffee (I literally mean the cup of coffee) or a movie ticket. They love to show off and Facebook junta simply keep encouraging them. They upload more photos and rarely use keyboard to type status.

4. Opinion Kings:
These people update every thing that comes into their mind. Most of the updates are less informative and more funny. Most of the time they curse the politicians and the system as they cannot express the feelings in the open. Who cares as long as they can be enjoyed.

5. Thread Creators.
These guys post and a huge number of reply back.

6. Lonely Planet:
These guys have few friends in real life but have 1000 friends on Facebook. Just FYI Facebook friend limit is 5000.

7. Super Like:
They love to like. They never care for the content.

8. Share it:
They share everything.

9. GPS:
Facebook has a great check in feature. These guys simply check in their location be it a shopping mall or a hotel or a washroom they love to check in their location on Facebook all the time.

10. Commentators:
These guys never start a thread but they simply love to comment on others status updates.

11. Gajni (Long Term Memory Loss):
They create a Facebook account and never log in.

12. Review Specialist:
They go for first day first show of a new movie and reveal the climax on Facebook to spoil other peoples fun.

13. Punch Liners:
These guys keep updating the punch liners created by others. I am wondering from where do they really get the content. I am sure you are wondering too.
14. Aliens:
They are still not on Facebook. Yes 80% of world population is still not on Facebook. Lot of scope for Facebook to grow.

You like it or not Facebook is becoming a way of life. Just like we wake up and brush our teeth many of us visit Facebook at least once a day like a daily chore. I don't know if its good or bad but it is what it is. It may so happen that many people are a mixture of different categories its perfectly normal. Which catagory do you belong?

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