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10 Reasons Why People Don’t Read Your Blog

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If your blog is not getting the amount of visitors that you think you deserve, then there are different types of factors that may be contributing against it. There are many mistakes that may cause these negative results, and here are the ways to avoid:

1. It's boring
You may not be saying anything new; you only use your blog as a mean to promote yourself or your company, or you are not reaching your target audience with good content.

 2. The Design is Horrible
WordPress and Blogger offers many free and paid themes in very high quality. Try to choose one that reflects your personality, which are nice to look at and easy in navigation. For a simple custom WP theme, there are designers who can do so at low cost.

3. You have no Friends
As in any stage of life, you need to make friends to be popular and well known in your community. Besides the friends of Facebook, which can also help you, you should place your blog within the environment you want to move. You can make others to consider your blog by posting original content, interviewing important people, commenting on forums and blogs related to your topic.

4. You Write after Three Days
The most recognized bloggers are probably, who give more time to writing. Many of them started just like you without readers, but they continued working despite initial negative numbers.

5. Your News Site has no Last-minute Developments
Internet users are directed to sites like Tech Crunch and The Huffington Post because they have breaking news. If you want to have a blog about news, be sure to be among the first to receive news, otherwise your readers will go to look for them elsewhere.

6. Bad Choice of Niche
You probably have chosen a topic, which is difficult; for many, this is the main obstacle. It is best to avoid very large or competitive issues, but it should be something that has interest for readers. The best thing really is to write about something you're passionate about. Start there and then choose a specific niche.

7. Not Optimized for Search Engines
Creating quality content and marketing them is the complicated task. For this, you can add tools to appear in Google searches, and learning some SEO and SEM strategies may also help.

8. High Competition
This should not be an impediment for you to start your own topic. There is always competition and truly original blogs are well written and get place on the web. You can write good articles on popular topics, or handle an issue that is not well covered by somebody before.

9. Inconsistent
If your blog already has a little reputation, then you must write more often.The more you publish content, readers will consult your blog more often. If they visit and find nothing new, then probably they will not come back for a long time.

10. You are not Creating Conversation
A blog should start conversation. Whenever we see a video on YouTube, we look at the comments below. The same thing happens in a blog, where we want to know what others think about the article. The important thing is to make your readers feel that your site is a place where they can easily get involved.

Author’s Bio:
Muddassir began his career in finance at Mortgage company. Now, he helps people getting cash advance.

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