Why Do Kids Love To Watch Cartoon Videos on the Computer? - latest tech tips

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Why Do Kids Love To Watch Cartoon Videos on the Computer?

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The great thing about watching a cartoon network video on a computer is that you can do it anywhere – as long, of course, as you have access to the right internet connection. In a home environment, this normally means a wireless router or perhaps a digital or cable TV package – in which the subscription includes streaming TV to a number of nominated devices.


In the second event, you normally have a maximum number of devices you can stream to within the price of your subscription, before you have to start paying extra for more screens. So the kids can technically watch a Cartoon Network video as part of your existing TV package, without having to do it in the lounge where you might be watching something else, or in the computer room or office where you may be working.

Kids love watching their Cartoon Network programmes wherever and however they can. The modern child is all over the lifestyle of the digital nomad and can comfortably use handheld devices, mobile phones and portable computers. So unlike, perhaps, many of their parents – who see the TV as their device for watching programming, and the computer as something you do your work on (or at least shop for stuff on Amazon on) – children are happy to watch Cartoon Network video files in the comfort of their own room, or when they’re on the move with a tablet or small PC.

Watching what you want, where you want, is key to the whole experience of the digital age. So watching videos on your laptop in your bedroom, where you’re surrounded by your own stuff and your own rules apply (like if you want to eat cookies on the bed, you do) is a lot more comfortable and fun than doing it downstairs, where Mum and Dad keep wandering in and out complaining about the noisy cartoons. Plus when you watch on your computer, you can share what you are watching with your friends and contacts in the social networks.

There are plenty of ways to watch Cartoon Network videos online – you can watch full programmes if you have access to the right subscription, or you can watch clips and snippets directly from the Cartoon Network website. In the second case, you get quite a few minutes for free – enough to get you interested in cartoons you haven’t seen before, or to help you enjoy your favourite moments from shows you already watch.

Finding the clips and videos you want is either a matter of searching by show, or of navigating to the Videos part of the site and taking your pick from the featured clips you see there. Featured clips tend to be newer shows or the most popular ones – but you can also always pick clips at random from the full show listings at the bottom of the page.

When you are a child, life is mobile and constantly interesting. So tying yourself to one room or one device to watch cartoon network video is restrictive to say the least.

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