What will be the impact of Samsungs Patent Defeat on its Users. - latest tech tips

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What will be the impact of Samsungs Patent Defeat on its Users.

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Apple and Samsung have been locking horns over patent infringements across the globe. But on Aug 24th in a major blow to Samsung a US jury went in favor of Apple.

Analysis are saying that this is one of the most important Patent decisions ever in the world of Mobile and Tablet technology and it will have a huge impact on all non Apple based consumers. The jury awarded a $1 Billion patent award to Apple. 1

Billion dollars is really nothing for both Samsung as well as Apple but the implications of this decision on Samsung could be immense.

The main point of the battle was Apple's products rectangular shape with round angles.

Here is a brief of all the impacts on Users.

1. Users will have some more diversity in phone and tablet design.
2. Or they may get stuck in a makeshift design adoption by companies to avoid making their product look like Apples.
3. User may have to shell out more bucks for non Apple products as competitors will have to show more design innovations.
4. Samsung and other competitors products could be banned from entering US market giving less choice for US consumers.

Cool features developed by Apple like

1. Bounce back effect.
2. Pinch and Zoom.
3. Tap to Zoom and Center could be missing from new products.

Samsung has clearly indicated that the battle is not over yet and they will appeal to the higer courts and even to the court of appeals. Samsung was not expecting this defeat and they will surely try to buy some more time by these Appeals.

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