TOP 5: Best IT companies in India till 2012 - latest tech tips

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TOP 5: Best IT companies in India till 2012

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Just yesterday there was a huge news that IT giant Cognizant has dethroned Infosys from the No 2 position in India. Infosys lost the No 2 spot after over 2 decades which is a long time.

So here is the top 5 list of IT companies in India based on revenues till 2012.

#5 HCL:
HCL (Hindustan Computers Limited) is at the no 5 position and has total employees of around 80000 plus. Its Q2 revenue in 2012 was $1080 million or $1.08 billion.

#4 Wipro IT:
Wipro has around 130000 emplyess and its Q2 numbers were $1515 or around $1.5 billion.

#3 Infosys:
Until recently Infosys or Infy what people love to call it was at a #2 spot for over decades but now lost its #2 postion. Infosys Q2 revenue was $1752  or around $1.75 billion. Infosys has 151151 employees.

#2 Cognizant:
Cognizant is know for its Innovations it does for Customers to reduce their costs. Cognizant has around 120000 plus employes much lesser than Infosys but more revenues.

#1 TCS:
TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) has been in the #1 position since many years and is way ahead of competition in terms of number of employees as well as revenue. Its Q2 2012 revenue was a staggering $2728 million or $2.7 billion.

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