TOP 10: Best Free Addictive Android Games Available for your Galaxy S2. - latest tech tips

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TOP 10: Best Free Addictive Android Games Available for your Galaxy S2.

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I have downloaded at least more than 200 games so far on my S2 and I am going to list down some of the most addictive games I love playing each day on my Samsung Galaxy S2.

Of course I am going to list down all the Free Games available.
1. Temple Runner
I have played this games for at least a thousand times and play it every day.

2. Angry Birds Seasons:
This is one of the best and toughest Angry Birds version available for you to play. Very addictive and very difficult to cross all levels. But thats the fun right.

3. Air Control Lite:
This game test your multitasking skills where you have to land 3 kinds of aircraft's on a Airport. You have to land large Airplane, Small Airplane and helicopter. The aircraft's keep coming and you have to give them a path to land.

4. Raging Thunder 2:
This is one of the best 3d car game avaiable for free. Its little buggy though.

5. Extreme Skater:
This game has extreme graphics in which you have to direct your game character who is riding a skate board to its destination.

6. Can Knockdown:
You remember going to Fun and Fare and playing the game which needs you to put down arranged metal cans using 3 balls. This is the virtual version of the same game.

7. Killer Bean:
This is an extreme 3D fighting graphic game for your S2. There is a killer bean which needs to cross different levels and missions.

8. Stardunk:
This is my favorite network based basketball game. You can play with tons of players from around the world and try to reach the top 10. Its very difficult to reach top 10 I must say.

9: Basketball:
This is my favorite standalone basketball game.

10. Archery:
In this game you are given 20 arrows. If you hit the bulls eye you get an extra chance. Try to score as many bulls eyes as possible to score highest score.

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