Samsung Galaxy S2 Screen Broken - latest tech tips

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Screen Broken

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After enjoying Samsung Galaxy S2 for an entire 2 months I went through a shocking experience. My Samsung Galaxy S2 simply fell from a distance of 2 - 3 feet and its screen simply broke down.

At first I though its just display problem and will start if I replace the battery. Well wasn't the case. To my shocking surprise when I closely saw the screen it had developed a minor crack and the display stopped working.

I visited the showroom from where I bought the S2 and they said that warranty is void and broken things aren't covered. Then I asked what will be the cost of repair? Well they said the cost of the screen for your Samsung Galaxy S2 will be Rs 7000/-. For new comers I am from Pune, India.

To my shock they also said that now your phone will not have any warranty. I am yet to receive the phone but the quality and durability of Samsung Galaxy S2 has come as a surprise to me and I am wondering how come Samsung managed to sell so many million handsets with such poor built quality.

I remember my Nokia X6 falling from different angels and still working. Well after the S2 broke Nokia X6 was my backup. No matter what people say Nokia phone if they had good software would have continued to rule the world. Samsung really uses poor quality stuff.

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