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Problems Of Having Meta Description Tag On Your Blog

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My blogs meta description was harming me more than it helping my readers to understand relevance of my content. Very recently I removed the meta description tag from my blog and I am very happy about it.

Many bloggers recommend adding a Meta description Tag for your blog. This helps the Search Engine to determine the contents of your website and blah blah. Well to tell you my experience Google and other search engines have become very smart.

Search engines now a days take things 1 post at a time. What that means is that they do not rely mostly on meta description of your blog to determine its relevance. They depend on freshness, quality and timing of the content.

I faced many problems with meta description which really hurt me getting good traffic. I have mentioned few of my issues with the meta description.

1. Social Media Share:
Well while I used to do Facebook, Google+ share for every post the share button used to simply show the meta description of the blog below the post. Problem was I wanted initial posts content in the share.

2. SEO:
I noticed many popular articles from my blog were showing blog description below the post listing in Search Results. This made my articles look irrelevant. Ideally the article should be complimented by that respective articles content and not the Blog description.

3. Traffic:
I have observed that my web traffic was reducing by each day and one of the reasons could be the meta description should up in most search results.

How to have the blog description without meta description in search results?
Well its not very difficult. Google is very smart search engine all you have to do is give hints that the a particular section on your home page is description of your blog by having title About or Description. The description should begin with words like "This blog is a" or "ABC is a technology blog" etc, indicating that you are describing the contents of your blog.

I have seen a 10 to15% rise in Google traffic. Please don't expect a sudden rise. It takes couple of weeks but results keep getting better.

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