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Microsofts New Webmail Outlook vs Gmail

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Microsoft is trying hard to keep the competition alive in the web mail business and they have come up in a gem. Microsoft has given up on Hotmail as its no more hot. Microsoft new webmail service Outlook really is very fresh and clean in looks.

I hope there was a way we could use our Gmail or any other email service via the freshly introduced Outlook service. Outlook is mainly called as the Gmail killer and its no surprise that it does not integrate 1 bit with any of the Google products.

Some of the things which I loved about OutLook
1. Very Clean
2. Very Simple
3. New User experinace
4. Facebook and Twitter integration
5. Calendar Service is very nice.

Some of the things which I did not like.
1. Default Bing integration no Google.
2. Slow to connect with Calendar.

Overall the service looks very nice and addictive. However its very difficult to say how many people will really switch to Outlook from Gmail.

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