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CPC vs CTR which one is important?

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If you are a blogger and want to earn money then these are the two terms which you must be aware of. However if not let me explain it to you. I will try to throw some light on what is more important for you a better CPC or a better CTR.

First lets understand each one.

CPC: Cost Per Click

As the name itself suggests its the Cost you get per click when users click on the Ads displayed on your blog. example if you get 10 clicks in a day and your total earnings is $4 then your CPC is $0.40.

Factors affecting High CPC

1. Geography of your visitors. If you get people from the west i.e. US and UK your CPC will be high else it will be low.

2. Niche: If your blog belongs to Technology, Entertainment, Science, Travel etc domains you will get better CPC else lower CPC. But in any case geography also matters most.
CTR: Click Through Rate

Well CTR is total % clicks with respect to number of visits on your website. example if you get 100 visits a day and you get 4 clicks then your CTR is 4%.

Factors affecting High CTR

1. Traffic: High Traffic may result in High CTR.

2. Ad Placement: Ads which blend with the content have better chances of getting clicked.

3. Ad Types: Its essential to have a blend of Text and Image Ads. Just having Text or Image Ads can disturb a delicate balance and may result in very low CTR.

Well to tell you the truth both are important, but if you get fewer clicks and very good CPC then too you can earn fair amount of money. I have seen many blogger getting tons of clicks and earning in few dollars. So if you focus more on CPC i.e. the factors affecting a better CPC you have better chances of earning more money.

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