Best London Olympic 2012 Google Doodle's - latest tech tips

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Best London Olympic 2012 Google Doodle's

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Today the London Olympics will come to an end and so will the world's sports party finish. Google introduced 16 doodle especially for the Olympics each one was unique.

However the interactive doodles became very popular and people really enjoyed playing them.
I have listed all the interactive Doodle's as people enjoyed playing them the most. I have also added tips and tricks for playing these doodles.

1. Hurdles
Objective here is to cross all hurdles in minimum time. A 10 second time will be really good one. I could only reach 14 seconds. Use your left and right arrow keys to gain speed with a space bar to jump. The fastest time will get you 3 medals.

2. Basketball
Objective here is to basket as many balls within 20 seconds. A 30 point score will be a good score I could reach 26. Simply use the space bar to put the ball in the basket. The timing is very important here. You must carefully hold the space bar button to make sure you put adequate power into the ball. If more power then ball will go over the basket and if less it will go under the basket.

3. Football
My best score here was 26. The objective here is to defend as many goals as possible before you concede 3 goals. Use left and right buttons to move your goalkeeper left and right. Use space bar when the ball is hit with a bounce to defend.

4.  Slalom Canoe
The objective here is to reach the finish line within 15 seconds. My best was 24 seconds. Just use the left and right buttons to take your boat to the finish line. Avoid the stones in the way as they slow you down.

Are you wondering why Google did not have interactive Doodle for each day in Olympics?
Well If people keep playing games on Google and not search it will badly start affecting Google Ad Revenue and also Google is meant for content searching and not playing games. However once in a while they can afford introducing such cool Doodle for their fans.

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