What is Project Butter in Jelly Bean Android OS? - latest tech tips

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What is Project Butter in Jelly Bean Android OS?

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Google recently launched Jelly Bean its latest android OS offering after Ice Cream Sandwitch. But many people were surprised to hear the term Butter with Jelly Bean.

Well Project Butter is one of the key features of the new Jelly Bean Android OS 4.1 and like its name the idea is to make the UI highly intuitive and give the user experience like running on butter.

Key features of Project Butter are:
  1. Animation: A more smoother effect is given when we swipe on the screen to see next set of App Icons. The new feature makes it 60 fps.
  2. Android will now predict where you are going to touch the screen next and add animation user experience around that point.
Both these features will make the UI extremely responsive and give user an impression that UI is buttery smooth. This is very important for tablet PCs as the effect is more recognizable on tablets than on smaller screen smartphones.

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