VIDEO: New Features of Android Jelly Bean vs ICS - latest tech tips

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VIDEO: New Features of Android Jelly Bean vs ICS

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Google has slightly upgraded the ICS OS and its new avatar is called Jelly Bean. I just also observed that all the Android versions are named after breakfast snacks cool isn't it.

Jelly Bean is the Google's latest Android offering and has some very nce UI upgrades and also a very cool feature Google Now. I wish Google Now was available for ICS. I am sure it will be after some time.

Lets have a look at a video which demonstrates the UI upgrades in Jelly Bean OS vs ICS and how things look a lot more smoother.


Some of the highlights of Jelly Bean OS are
  1. Project Butter (UI improvements)
  2. Notifications Bar
  3. Google Now (Smarter Google Voice Search)
  4. Improvements in Camera features.
They look very simple however  they are very important to take the User Experience to the very next level.

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