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Smart Way To Manage Icons On Samsung Galaxy S2.

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The moment you enter the world of Android the first thing which many people do is start downloading tons of Apps. There comes a point where we end up down loading 100s of Apps.

Due to this the screen gets filled with all these App Icons and it becomes very difficult to navigate and remember the position of each and every App as the list keep growing each day. At one point of time I had around 15 page full of Apps and navigating them was a very painful process.

I am going to tell you a way in which you can manage all your icons very smartly. In LG Optimus Black there is a feature of categorizing your Apps. I simply loved it, however it is still missing in most Android phones including Samsung Galaxy S2.

But there is a very nice substitute for this.
  1. That Substitute is Folders, yes you can create various folders on your  main screen.
  2. You can name the folders as per various categories such Games, Tools, Utilities, News etc.
  3. Once you have created the folders start adding all the apps in them.
  4. This trick will help you eliminate unnecessary pagination and help you navigate to your App very quickly.
  5. Don't forget to add new Apps in folders else the list will keep growing again.
I have also kept frequently accessed Apps out of the folders to even save more time. Frequently accessed Apps are those which we access at least more than 4 times a day.

This is how the Folders look like. I have around 150 Apps downloaded on my S2.

Simply click on the folder and check out your App.

With this trick you can save lot of time getting to the App and focus more on enjoying the App and increase your productivity to a very large extent. This trick can be used on all Android phones.

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