Restart Shutdown Problem in Samsung Galaxy S2. - latest tech tips

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Restart Shutdown Problem in Samsung Galaxy S2.

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Very recently I upgraded my Samsung Galaxy S2 from 2.3 Ginger Bread to ICS and I noticed a unusual problem my phone simply reboots abruptly once every 2 days. Some times the problem is so severe that I have to restart the phone by taking out my battery. I was wondering what the hell is happening.

After many days of groping in the dark I found out that the cause of the issue was WIFI. Whenever I tried accessing WIFI net it worked in most cases but some times it took longer than usual.

One of the ways of quickly understanding this problem is observing the WIFI icon, if it stays light green for a long time you can sense that you may face this issue. If it turne dark green immidetely then you are fine.

This has been happening since I have upgraded to ICS. The problem mainly occurs when the S2 tries to find all WIFI hotspots and some how hangs.

Possible Solution:
I keep turning WIFI off as it saves at least 2 hours of battery life for me. Because of this I have to rarely switch WIFI on only when I know for sure if there is a WIFI hotspot around. Other solution is to keep WIFI on all the time but it will drain your battery.

Android OS cannot be blamed for this as Samsung Customizes it to its needs and it was working fine on prior version very well. Will keep you posted if I find a better solution for this rebooting problem.

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