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Problems Faced By Self Hosted Bloggers.

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Many Bloggers love hosting their own content, that gives them ownership of all their content. However a recent incidence of getting hacked proved that self hosting is not a solution to all your problems.

There are many advatages of self hosting such as
  1. Content Ownership: You are the owner of the content.
  2. Ability to Sell your blog to other company.
  3. Possibility of your blog getting deleted by Google or WordPress for policy violation etc.
  4. More traffic (its a perception)
  5. SEO Friendliness (More flexibility).
I am going to mainly focus on problems faced by Bloggers when they self host their blogs.

1. Hacking: 
Hacking has nothing to do with self hosting however self hosted blogs are more prone to getting hacked. I have seen many bloggers who give up due to this problem.

2. Malware and Viruses:
Self hosted blogs are constantly attacked by Malware and Viruses. As a result many bloggers continue to focus on the security rather than content. This problems are minimal as services like blogger and word press have state of art infrastructure and resources to handle these threats all the time.

3. Uptime:
If you are shelling out decent amount of money then there is a chance that your blog may be up most of the time. However it has been observed that many self hosted blogs suffer with uptime. This causes lot of problems for dedicated users also Google stops respecting the blog and traffic gets affected.

4. Reliability:
Reliability is a very subjective matter. If you choose a wrong host there may not be any guarantee if your blog will be accessible all the time. Its really a very frustrating feeling not able to access your own blogs admin panel.

5. Price:
Most Self hosted blogs are all paid services. Its not a problem though but its a cost. Blogger is absolutely free and reliable.

All the above are issues faced by people hosting their own content. I am not trying to justify that self hosted blogs are a big pain all this article tries to convey is that self hosted blogs also come with many issues and here are some of them, before you go for any self hosted blog try to choose

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