HOW TO: Hide that your blog is hosted on Blogger or Wordpress Service? - latest tech tips

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HOW TO: Hide that your blog is hosted on Blogger or Wordpress Service?

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Google's Blogger Blogspot and wordpress services are extremely good for new bloggers, however it has lost a lot of valuable respect from the readers point of view mainly because its free The moment reader sees or people tend to ignore your content.

Since "first Impression is the Last Impression" revealing you are using blogspot service can hamper your blogs popularity. Believe me or not this blog is hosted on Blogspot and I really love it. But its also essential that I do not unnecessarily expose that I am using this service.

I am going to tell you some very easy and important ways in which you can hide from your readers that you are not using any free service to host your content.

1. Custom Domain:
I have told this before and I will tell you even now having your blogs own name is very important.Custom domains are available starting $5 but it adds $1000 value to your blog. It really adds a lot of value and respect to your blog. It indicates that the blog owner is serious about blogging.

2. Favicon:
Favicon helps in eliminating the default blogger and wordpress favicons showing up to users. Favicons is a small thing which again adds lot of value. Here is how you can add it for your blogger blog.

3. Blog Theme:
There are tons of free blogger and wordpress themes available, choose the best free blog theme. The only problem with this is these themes come with urls at the bottom which you cannot remove. But it doesn't really matter for the readers.

4. Remove Powered By Blogger or WordPress:
It is really not mandatory for you to expose these details to your readers and you can simply remove them from your widget layout. When you add a non blogger or word press theme those messages are removed anyways.

All the above tips help your blog to look more professional and people visiting your blog tend to take your blog more seriously in terms of quality. Always remember content is king but the above things professionally compliments your blogging efforts.

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