Facebook Chatting can land you in Jail. - latest tech tips

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Facebook Chatting can land you in Jail.

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Do you remember Tom Cruise movie Minority Reports where criminals are caught before the crime is committed. As per mashable reports its been confirmed that Facebook and many other Social Networks monitor you chatting sessions for any suspicious activity to prevent criminal activities.

Of course this process is automated. This is done with the help of software which constantly monitoring you chatting sessions for suspicious phrases and words which also could include vulgar messages. Very recently a man was arrested for vulgar messaging with a teenage girl using this same mechanism.

This software is very smart and gives special attention to those people who are chatting a lot without having a good networking connection. This software also scans for terrorist related chatting sessions as well.

If the software finds and alerts a suspicious chat exchange, it immediately notifies Facebook security employees, who can then determine if police should be notified or not.

It is also not clear if this chat monitoring mechanism is in place only in the United States or also in other parts of the world especially India.

Privacy Problem:
Making the Facebook Security Force read only suspicious chats might help Facebook deflect criticism from privacy advocates, but its not yet clear if the scanned chats are kept stored or deleted immediately after scanning.

So next time you are trying to get involved in a not so decent chatting session with your friends be careful. Don't be surprised to see police at your doorsteps while you are still chatting.

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