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The Application Of Asset Tags In The Office

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Asset tags have many applications within the office. Made from a range of materials, which  include vinyl, polyester and aluminum, asset tags are primarily valuable for being difficult to remove, and designed to contain laminated bar-codes and serial numbers that can be used to easily identify and track tagged items. 

At the same time, rewritable tags can be used to update safety information on electrical appliances, and can be used to reduce security risks and better identify staff and guests within a workplace. These office strengths are developed below:

1 - Basic Identification
Asset tags are essential for office use because they can be applied to a number of different items for quick identification. Most commonly used for computer equipment, asset tags are difficult to remove, and provide permanent reminders of company ownership for expensive items. Barcodes and serial numbers attached to asset tags also means that it can be straightforward to match up an item to the right department within an office.

2 - Tracking Moves
 The information stored on asset tags means that any office move is made much easier. Information stored on a barcode can be scanned by handheld readers and inputted onto an asset management system. Items broken down by departments can be transferred together, and assembled by their asset tags in a new location. As a result, office managers can keep track of similar, or even identical computers, and can ensure that less time is wasted during a move. Items can also be tracked when they are in the process of being moved to ensure that everything sent is recorded at its new destination.

3 - Security Features
Asset tags provide effective security deterrents for office equipment. Tags tend to be almost impossible to remove without having to order specialist solvent, and leave permanent marks on the surface of assets if people do try to remove them. In this way, any assets that are stolen become easier to recover because of the unique identification that can be provided by asset tags.

4 - Electrical Testing
Asset tags can also be used as part of routine electrical safety testing within the office. Portable appliance testing, or PAT, is a process where an office worker or electrician can check the voltage and the fuses of applications like computers and other pieces of equipment that are connected to a mains supply via a plug, rather than being wired directly. Tags attached to these devices can include rewritable labels that can be updated to include the dates of maintenance visits, as well as information on the date of a scheduled check.

5 - Staff Badges and IDs
Asset tags are similarly useful as part of general security checking for staff and guests. Tags that are attached to uniforms are particularly effective at being resistant to wear and tear, particularly when double laminated or produced using durable vinyl. Barcode information on these tags can also be used to check in and out of a building, and to store personal data and passwords. Guests visiting offices can also be provided with general asset tags as part of IDs, which can be used to identify their status and access levels.

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