Apple CEO Tim Cook feels Indian market is much smaller for Apple - latest tech tips

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Apple CEO Tim Cook feels Indian market is much smaller for Apple

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Apple Inc has been known for its ability to create its own market and its rivals are always known to follow Apple. However when many companies are trying their level best to enter Indian market Apple thinks its not a big enough market for Apple.

As per Tim Cook Apple CEO he has a great affection for India he said "I love India, but I believe Apple has some higher potential in the intermediate term in some other countries. This doesn't mean we're not putting emphasis in India. We have a business there and it's growing but my own perspective is that in the intermediate term there will be larger opportunities outside".

He added further that "The multi-layered distribution (In India) really adds to the cost of getting products to market."

If we read between the lines Apple CEO thinks that China is a much bigger market than India for Apple products at least in the near terms. One of the main reasons for Tim's statement is lot of FDI (foreign direct Investment) related decision are still pending from the Indian Government.

Apple prefers selling its iPhone via collaboration with telecom companies. This Business Model has not been very successful in India as people from India do not prefer to stick to a particular telecom operator for a long period of 1-2 years thanks to Mobile Number Portability recently implemented.

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