Why Laptop should not be kept on your Lap? - latest tech tips

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Why Laptop should not be kept on your Lap?

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Laptop as we call it is called so because it can be kept on your Lap and you can easily operate it. No need of a table or anything. But do you know putting the Laptop on your Lap can actually harm you?

Yes it very true that Laptops are actually not meant to be used for prolonged periods by keeping them on your Laps. Following are the top reasons why Laptop should not be kept on your Lap.

1. Heat:
Laptop emits lot of heat from the bottom and it can be up to 40 degrees and more sometimes.

2. Skin Marks:
The heat can cause the skin on your Lap to burn and dark patches can be formed which may look very bad in future. 

3. Skin Soreness:
Prolonged exposure to Laptop heat can cause Skin soreness and if the soreness persist it can lead to vary serious problems which may even require a biopsy.

4. Skin Cancer:
If excess Laptop usage is done keeping on your Lap then there is a possibility of a skin disorder called as Reticulated Erythema. Some times it can also lead to skin cancer.

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