Top 10: Simplest Ways Of Getting 1000 Visitors A Day? - latest tech tips

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Top 10: Simplest Ways Of Getting 1000 Visitors A Day?

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To make any reasonable money with Google Ad-sense its very important to get at least a 1000 unique visitors a day. Out of that 60% or more should be Organic traffic.

I am going to throw some light on sure shot ways of getting Organic as well as In Organic traffic. Organic traffic is Search Engine Traffic and other is traffic consists of traffic from other websites or direct traffic (loyal visitors).

Organic Traffic:

1. Content:
If you write content which every body is looking for then you can easily get good traffic. Now you will ask how do find such content to write. Just follow these steps. Go to Google and type the post title you are writing on your blog. If you get tons of related material just give up and try to choose another topic.

2. SEO:
Search Engine Optimization is not really difficult. All it means is choosing the Right Title which is unique, keywords and wise usage of formatting i.e. bold, headline etc.

3. Niche:
Niche means area of interest of your blog examples are Technology, Travel, Entertainment. If you are writing a very specific topic you will get less traffic but since it is unique your audiences will be very much interested in your content.

4. Latest Content:
Google gives more respect to unique content and if that comes first on your website then you are the king. The moment people start searching on Google, Google will present your article in first page as there is no other or fewer articles.

5. Google+:
You may hate it or you may love it but you can certainly not ignore it. Google has started giving +1s importance and if the people searching for content are in your circle from Google+, Google will tell them that you have shared the article. Also the +1 button will shout at the people who are searching for content and one of the persons from their circles has +1ed your article. So if you don't have a Google+ account go ahead and create it and don't worry you can add anyone and every one in your Circle.

In-Organic Traffic

Enough about Organic Traffic now lets talk about In-Organic traffic which mainly constitutes of direct traffic, traffic from social media, RSS feed and other website.

6. Backlinks: 
Many people say Google gives lot of priority to links which are there on other websites. Best way to get them is comments but writing Guest posts and exchanging links with popular blogs of same Niche as yours.

7. Facebook: 
Well having a Facebook Fanpage is a must have now a days. The more Facebook Fans the more respect you get. Also you must make sure your content is auto updated on Facebook. Generally hot topics are more viral on Facebook. In case you have a dull and boring topic people will simple unlike you Facebook Fan page and will spread with many more likes if content is hot.

8. Twitter:
Many people feel that Twitter cannot be a god source of traffic. After Facebook Twitter will get you highest traffic. All you need to of is describe your content in 5 to 6 words. The better you express more traffic you get. Also its very important to have at least 1000 twitter followers.

9. RSS Feed:
RSS feed also gets you very good amount f traffic as RSS feed subscribes have willingly subscribed for your content. If you do not have a way for your readers to subscribe to your RSS feed then do it right away.

10: Direct:
Direct Traffic is very much respected in field of blogging. Direct traffic simply means people are addicted towards your content and are paying multiple visits to your website or blog several times in a day.

All the above methods involve no money and are absolutely free. All you need is knowledge of your niche and patience. One day you will succeed. Don't ever give up.

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