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TOP 10: Mobile Phone Using Countries In The World

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Did you know that more than 50% of the world population use mobile phones today? Would you like to know which countries have the most number of Mobile Phone users?
Well here is a list of Top 10 Countries having most Mobile users.

#1. China.
China is know for its status as a world factory especially in the field of technology. How can it stay behind in terms of total number of Mobile users. Out of China's 1.34 Billion strong population 1.02 Billion people use Mobile phones i.e. around 75% of the total population in china is all Mobile.

#2. India.
India is know for a very famous industry and that is Information Technology. India has a population of 1.2 Billion and 0.91 i.e. 900 Million people use Mobile which is almost 76% .

#3. United States
America is one of the worlds most developed countries currently going through a huge financial turmoil. The only industry which is still keeping Americas hopes alive to bounce back is Mobile, Apple and Android are two main driving forces which are leading this Mobile war. Out of 310 million population 327 million Mobile connections are used i.e. 103% which means that many people in USA use more than 1 mobile connection.

#4. Brazil.
Brazil is one of the worlds fastest growing economies. Out of 192 million population of Brazil there are an astonishing 250 million mobile connections which is around 130%. That means among every 3 people 1 Brazilian has more than 1 Mobile connections. 

#5. Indonesia
Indonesia has 237 million population and has 250 million mobile connections which is roughly around 105%. Another country having more than 100% mobile connections.

#6. Russia.
Russia the biggest geographical country in the world with 142 million population has around 220 million mobile connection which is around 150%. This means 1 in every 2 Russians have more than 1 mobile connections.

#7. Japan.
Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries and has a population 127 million people and total mobile phone users in Japan are 121 million which is 95%.

#8. Pakistan
Pakistan has a population of 18 million out of which 11.5 million people use mobile phones which is around 65%.

#9. Germany.
Germany is one of the worlds most advanced countries in the field of automobile technology and has 81 million population and has 107 million mobile connections.

Information Source: Wikipeda.
#10. Nigeria.
Nigeria has a population of 140 million and mobile users are 90 million which is around 65%.

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