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TOP 10: Best Free Android Apps for Indian Users

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Android Market is a sea of Apps and it has Apps for anyone and everyone. I have complied a list of best and top most useful Apps for Indian Android Users. All the below Apps are absolutely free.
1. All India Bank Info:
This App will allow you to search for any Indian Bank and its branches in any part of India.

2. Indian Caller Info:
This App will tell you where your incoming or Outgoing call is coming from. This helps you identify the location from where you are called even though you get a call from mobile phone. also you get to know the service provider of the mobile number as well. This help in identifying pesky calls from tele marketers.

3. TV Guide India:
Just select few of your Indian channels and this App allows you to browse all Indian TV channels and its programs. This is very useful for getting to know what all programs are running at present on your favorite TV channels.

4. Indian Railway App - Disha:
This app will blow your mind if you are a frequent Railway Traveler from India. You can book tickets, plan trips check PNR status and lot more using this App. Clearly a must have.

5. Indian Recipe:
Just in case you wife asks you a tough question as to what would you like to eat today and you always get confused . Just download this App and you can have 1 interesting dish each day.

I am sure you will find all the above Apps very useful. Incase you came across a similar more useful Android Apps then don't forget to let us know.

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